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Hidden hotel fees you should know about

Don’t let sneaky fees wreck your vacation!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — You’ve saved your hard-earned money and planned for months – just when it’s time to enjoy your vacation, you realize your hotel stay is going to cost more than what you had budgeted. Why? Fees.

The Federal Trade Commission calls it “drip pricing.”

It’s described as, “…a pricing technique in which firms advertise only part of a product’s price and reveal other charges later as the customer goes through the buying process.”

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The Better Business Bureau outlined how this technique can take over your travel plans.

Here are 4 hidden hotel fees you need to know about before you book your next stay:

1. Resort fees

It’s a daily charge that’s not typically included in the advertised price. There really isn’t a guaranteed way of getting out of paying these fees. The BBB suggests booking a hotel that doesn’t charge a resort fee, getting “elite status” at a large hotel chain to get the perk of waived fees or book using loyalty points.

2.  Airport shuttle service

Just because the hotel advertises offering shuttle service to and from the airport, doesn’t mean the service is free. If you have to pay, compare prices of every option available to find the best value.

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3. Overnight parking

Parking overnight at a hotel can be extremely expensive depending on the hotel and its location. Bigger cities tend to have the highest rates so make sure you ask the hotel about parking options and pricing prior to booking.

4. Amenities

The BBB warns not all amenities come with the nightly room rate. You can be charged for a variety of things – among them…  pool towels, in-room water and snacks (even if they appear complementary) in-room phone use (even local calls) and the on-site gym.

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