CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The big question always seems to be online or in-store. And the answer depends on factors like convenience, price, location, and sanity.

NBC Charlotte's Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty offers three quick strategies to consider this year.

"A lot of stores now offer free shipping without a minimum buy. You can have it shipped to your house or for in-store pick up, but get on this early,” McGinty said.

Secondly, buying in store allows you to shop door buster deals.

"Trust me, they want you in their store because you are more likely to buy something else, and let’s face it, you probably will, so keep track of spending.”

McGinty recommends using cash if you can is a great way to set limits.

Thirdly, buying on line allows you to shop a greater variety of deals, if you can find them in one spot and you can. It’s called Best black Friday dot com.

"They list all the big stores and their deals, pardon my pun, but it really is one stop shopping," McGinty said. "I’m a sucker for traditions and sappy holiday memories. They’re great and that’s what makes the holidays the holidays. So if getting up early or staying up late with a family member or a friend is your thing, don’t let the internet take over your holiday spirit.”