CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Consumer Reporter Bill McGinty is researching tips on how to cut your cell phone bill as we approach the holidays.

Here’s three ways to cut the cost:

First, take a good look at your plan and see what you’re really paying for. Note how much data you really use from month to month. You might be paying for a data plan that exceeds what you really use.

Secondly, shop smaller carriers.

"The big 4 offer cheaper prepaid service, but it comes with limitations, so make sure that plan fits your needs *and your budget," McGinty said.

Lastly, McGinty said he’s a believer in the insurance for the phones because they’re getting so expensive. People that have AppleCare, say it’s a great deal. But it if you want to risk it, drop the insurance, if your plan has multiple devices, these things can add up!