The average cost to repair a clogged drain is between $115 and $290 if you call a plumber. Today a $10 solution invented by a mom on Kickstarter will avoid that clog in the first place!

In my quest to save you cash and showcase great gadgets, the TubShroom is something from which any family in our region can benefit. Whether you have kids, pets or just a head (or body) full of hair, our drains are not capable of handling hair loss.

Every time you shower or bathe, the hair you have or the hair from shedding pets brings your drain one step closer to a clog. Chemicals used to unclog drains are often harmful to the environment and corrosive to your pipes. To avoid costly plumber repairs or toxic chemicals, the TubShroom is the world's best-rated tub strainer and hair catcher.

Click the play button to see what it caught in my drain! The TubShroom:

- Goes beyond a typical strainer by also serving as a hair catcher
- Fits any standard 1.5-inch tub drain or bathroom drain
- Sits inside the drain, rather than on top of it like competitors and catches 150 percent more hair!
- Works great for all types of human and pet hair
- Invented by a mother of two and pet owner
- Raised more than $59,000 on Kickstarter
- 100 percent BPA Free
- No gross exposed hairs while you take a shower
- Various color options and lowest recorded price today

$10 Off New TubShroom 2 PACK + Free Shipping
Was: $29.99
Now: $19.99

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