Is the top-rated pillow on really worth your while? Does it really help you sleep?

We spend one-third of our lives in bed and for those of you reading this right now, chances are your sleep quality can be drastically improved. In my continued quest to save you more cash than anyone else in the country, say hello to a miracle pillow.

Despite having tried MANY pillows you've seen advertised on infomercials, so-called bamboo saviors and memory foam messes, an ideal solution is on sale today.

TV's Dr. Derek weighed in to assist me with today's research alongside several posture experts, physical therapists and sleep pros.

"Sleep apnea is occurs when a person's airway starts to get restricted. It's one of the leading health problems in America. People are getting a lousy night sleep because their head is kinking; it's stopping the airflow and because of that, your body has a reflex that wakes you up. This pillow is loaded with resilient springs that keeps your neck in line so you can get proper airflow and stay asleep," says Dr. Derek.

I agree. I'm now sleeping better and my wife says I'm snoring less. It has also alleviated some of my shoulder pain and remains one of the best reviewed pillows on the market.

Click the play button so see what happens when I cut the pillow open with a knife!

Other features include:

- 20-year warranty
- 40 inner soft spring coils provide independent suspension
- Percale weave eliminates moisture and heat
- Design provides extreme breathability
- Pillow retains 91 percent of its volume and 94 percent of its softness after 50,000 pounding cycles
- Allergy safe
- Doctor recommended
- Top pillow we've tested at its lowest recorded price

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