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Switching to one-ply toilet paper is one way people are saving money during pandemic

A new study finds people are making some serious lifestyle changes to pinch pennies right now, including switching up the quality of toilet paper.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Americans are making some lifestyle changes to save money during the pandemic, including switching the type of toilet paper they are buying. 

The study by OnePoll on behalf of Slickdeals, looked at how the pandemic has changed the mindset of Americans and their feelings about money. Among the findings, growing vegetables at home, eating leftovers and switching to one-ply toilet paper are all ways Americans are trying to save money right now. 

Over half of Americans polled in the study said the Covid-19 pandemic is teaching them how to be smarter with their money.  Another two out of three said the pandemic has turned them into a more frugal person. 

The study also looked at what it meant to be frugal vs. cheap.  People said things like tipping the minimum amount, calculating your part of the group bill, re-gifting and eating food past its expiration date were all considered cheap. 

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Frugal activities included tracking electricity use and thermostats, watching movies at home instead of the theater, shopping at second-hand stores and seeking out deals or coupons. 

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