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Consumer Tips | The best credit cards to look into this year

Paying bills isn't always easy, especially during the pandemic, so WalletHub looked at a variety of cards and released their findings.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Getting through the financial end of the COVID-19 pandemic is tough for many people. Paying bills isn’t always easy and a lot of people are turning to credit to kick the can down the road a bit.

But what are the best cards out there that can offer you the most back?

WalletHub looked at a variety of cards and says the American Express Blue Chase preferred card is the tops. Here are the pros of this card:

  • You will get 6% cashback on streaming services. We’re all streaming right now, let’s try to cash in on it. 
  • You’ll also get 6% cashback at supermarkets — the only catch is you must spend $6,000 a year at the market to get that deal. 
  • This card will give you 3% cashback on gas and 1% on everything else.  
  • You also get a $250 gift card if you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months. This might be a great idea to pay car payments, rent, or start on that supermarket shopping.

The only drawback to this card is the $95 yearly fee.

Another good card is the City Card Double Cash Card. It offers 0% interest for 18 months, no annual fee, and 2% cashback. Additionally, it offers 1% on what you spend and 1% what you pay on it every month.

The next option is interesting for people with less than stellar credit, with credit scores of 300 to 600. If that's you, the Open Sky Card might be for you as they say they will help you build your credit back. 

However, the risk with this card is your bill — it charges 17.3% interest and comes with an annual fee. Be careful when reestablishing credit, high interest rates can eat you alive financially, so being disciplined with it is the key.

These cards might be a great way to knock down some debt and actually put some money back in your pocket in the process.


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