GASTONIA, N.C. — Gaston County commissioners announced plans to vote on a nearly $50 million local economic stimulus package, dubbed Capital Relief and Expansion Plan, or "CARE Plan."

The proposed stimulus, which will be voted on Tuesday night, accelerates the timeline for $6.7 million worth of capital projects, including a $2 million child advocacy center.

Board of Commissioners Chairman Tracy Philbeck blamed partisanship for a slow government response from both the national and state levels.

"As the wheels of Washington and Raleigh slowly grind under partisanship and bureaucracies, counties and cities are smaller, more flexible and can meet the needs of its people in a much quicker fashion," Commissioner Philbeck said.

Gaston County's CARE Plan includes $1 million for county programs to help people pay rent, daycare and prescriptions.

The county will also infuse $100,000 to its Family Advisory Board to provide to nonprofits helping people in need.

The proposal will also put a new $28.25 million Gaston County Emergency Management and Telecommunications center and a $11.25 million fleet management facility to voters for bond approval.

Commissioner Philbeck hopes the county's CARE Plan will be a model for other local leaders.

"We would ask counties throughout North Carolina, municipalities throughout North Carolina to follow our lead," he said. "Be creative, and help the people in your community."

For more information on the CARE Plan, click here.


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