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Egg prices impacting bakeries in Charlotte: 'We’ll have to keep increasing our prices'

Economists blame the surge in egg prices on the 2022 avian flu, as well as inflation.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The cost of eggs has been soaring, and some grocery stores have empty shelves. 

According to the consumer price index, the average price in the U.S. for a dozen large white eggs hit an all-time high last month at $4.25.

This comes as people are already struggling with the high costs of inflation. 

Renaissance Patisserie in South Park says they're doing what they can to adapt.

“Butter has been high, milk has been high, but eggs by far is the one that’s been outrageous," co-owner of Renaissance Patisserie, Jo-Anne Rivet said. 

Economists blame the surge in egg prices on the 2022 avian flu, as well as inflation. 

“A case of egg whites used to cost us $44 two years ago, it’s now $179 a case,” Jo-Anne Rivet said. 

Now, it leaves business owners with tough decisions to make: raise prices or absorb costs.  

“If prices keep increasing, I don’t see where there is any choice, we’ll have to keep increasing our prices as we go forward,” Jo-Anne Rivet said.

But some other businesses are not going forward. Your Mom's Donuts recently announced they're closing up shop for good in February.  

Meanwhile, Harris Teeter is warning customers of a temporary shortage at its stores. It's another added layer of concern to bakeries. 

“We need eggs, we don’t have a choice," Sylvain Rivet, chef and co-owner of Renaissance Patisserie, said. 

Sylvain Rivet said he's made small changes to recipes because of the challenges they're facing, while still keeping the quality. 

“Just support the small businesses like us, we are there to make you happy,” Sylvain Rivet said. 

If you are looking for eggs, experts suggest avoiding grocery shopping on Sunday nights and Monday mornings. Most stores restock during the weeks.

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