CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's the phone call that can wreck date night: the babysitter can't make it.

Instead of making frantic calls, Working Mother Magazine recommends opening the "Urban Sitter" app.

"Urban Sitter" lets you do it all! You can search, book, message and even pay a babysitter.

You can see a list of sitters recommended by friends and trusted local groups, and even sort out ones with background checks and CPR training.

When you prefer a family date night, check out the “Stridepost” app.

It features a family calendar to help keep track of events, practices, and appointments. You can even set it to send out reminders 30 minutes before events begin.

“Stridepost” also lets you assign tasks or chores. There’s an allowance tracker, as well as a family wall, where you can post messages for everyone to see.