CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Credit card perks: many of us have them and most of us probably don't even realize it. 

You see them often as promotions during ads to get the cards but many of us forget about them and don't take advantage of these perks. 

So what might you have that you're not using? has many insights into ways you can save, including these three popular credit card perks. 

First up is rental car insurance. Don't buy the insurance at the counter when they ask, it's expensive and between your personal insurance and credit cards, you're probably double covered. There is a footnote to this. Read the fine print on the coverage. 

Yes, you'll be covered for liability, but how much? If you wreck a rental car, standard coverage likely won't cover the cost of depreciation. It's wrecked, worth less and now that standard coverage won't cover the cost of how long that car is out of service, which could be a month or more. And guess what? You'll be paying for that month, so read the fine print. They make it little for a reason, hoping you won't read it. 

Next, we're on the heels of spring break and summer travel, so travel insurance is another perk you might not be aware that you have. For example, the American Express Gold Card offers you a baggage insurance plan that will cover you for loss, theft and damage up to $1,250 for carry-on and $500 for checked bags. 

Another biggie is cellphone insurance coverage. For example, NBC Charlotte's Bill McGinty dropped his phone on St. Patrick's Day and cracked the screen. Instead of a $149 bill to have it repaired, Bill's insurance deductible is just $30. 

And some cards really kick in the coverage for phone protection. Wells Fargo credit card holders can get $1,200 worth of coverage every 12 months. 

So, to recap, check your cards for perks and read the fine print to understand how covered you are. And remember, to take advantage of these perks, you usually have to the the trip or travel with that particular card.