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How to make your Mother’s Day flowers last longer

A pinch of something sweet and either vodka or bleach, use these tricks and tips to extend the life of your fresh cut flowers.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There’s nothing quite like fresh-cut flowers to brighten your day. The problem is: they don't last forever, and in some cases, can go from dazzling to dead in just a few short days. Luckily, there are some expert-approved tricks that can help to extend the life of your latest bouquet.

Here are 6 ways to make your fresh flowers last longer, according to USA Today:

1) Angle cut.

Before you put your fresh flowers in water, cut their stems at an angle. Experts say using an angle cut exposes a larger portion of the stem which allows the flower to absorb more water.

2) Do some leaf maintenance.

Get rid of any leaves that could end up submerged in water. This will help to prevent bacteria growth that could block a flower's ability to absorb water.

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3) Choose water wisely.

USA Today recommends filling your vase with clean, lukewarm water.

4) Add bleach or vodka.

A few drops of either bleach or vodka will help to ward off bacteria.

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5) Feed your flowers.

USA Today suggests adding a pinch of sugar to the water in your vase to provide nutrients.

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6) Keep it clean.

Change the vase water every 2 days and whenever it appears murky.

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