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It was a pie in the sky idea for a business during a pandemic but these sisters made it work

A nurse and a teacher saved their money to open a pie shop despite losing loans, construction delays and more amid COVID-19.

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Two sisters, a nurse, and a teacher started their dream business this year despite a series of COVID-related setbacks – including losing their SBA loan.

The Buttermilk Sky Pie shop finally opened in Huntersville last month.

Starting your own business is about as American as apple pie.

"I think pie has always been a thing, it's very traditional and something we relate with memories," Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop owner Gabby Sillyman said. 

Sillyman and her sister Savannah Lape love pie so much they started saving money, as a teacher and nurse respectively, with plans of opening the Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop in Huntersville in May 2020.

"A lot of people have said you’re so brave to open during a pandemic," she admitted. 

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It took more than bravery to get past the hurdles they faced.

"Our construction had to come to a complete halt and we didn’t begin until the end of August and then it took us a long time to get permits, the city was backed up, it definitely was a struggle," she said. 

There were financial struggles too.

"We had an SBA loan secured and when the pandemic hit that quickly went away and we had to start the process over," Sillyman said. " At one point we looked at each other and said are we really doing this are we really going to open a pie shop?" 

The sisters didn’t have to look too far for motivation.

"Our grandfather and dad owned small business, meant a lot to us, definitely a family thing – all of our family is in here working all the time," she said. 

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They finally opened almost a year later than expected but Sillyman said, the new opening day turned out to be perfect. It was national pie day.

"This community has shown up for small businesses, new ideas. What’s been really exciting we have had lines and lines out the door," she said. 

The best-selling pie? No surprise here: granny apple. They said they can’t keep it in stock.

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