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Marine 'Gets McGinty' to help get unemployment benefits

After getting out of the service, Brandon Eyster said he was having trouble collecting unemployment benefits and emailed WCNC's Bill McGinty for help.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Another victory for our “Where’s the Money” team.

This one is special because a member of the armed services needed help and WCNC’s Bill McGinty was quick to respond. Because of privacy laws, the media never really knows what the hitch was because The Division of Employment Security isn’t allowed to divulge that kind of information. What WCNC can do is get their attention so they can investigate some of these problems.

Brandon Eyster recently got out of the military and ran into a snag with unemployment benefits that would be helping him and his girlfriend Erin pay some bills.

“So we actually applied for unemployment and kept calling, but it was always the same story on the phone, hang on, wait a week, then it was going to be 30 more days,” girlfriend Erin Hagelberger said.

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Credit: WCNC

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Feeling frustrated, Hagelberger emailed WCNC, which in turn emailed the Division of Employment Security. Investigators looked at it and contacted the couple quickly.

“One of two days later, it was insane, we got a call and it was all worked out, we are getting $4,500,” Hagelberger said. 

Credit: WCNC

That means bills that are behind will get paid.

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Just in the last three weeks, WCNC’s Bill McGinty has helped viewers recover almost $20,000 in unemployment benefits with many more in progress.

Contact Bill McGinty at bmcginty@wcnc.com and follow him on Facebook.