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'Please have mercy on us' | Belmont apartments face massive rent hike

Trina Costa said she pays $600 for rent, but recently received a letter from Brown & Glenn Property Management stating she will have to pay $1,275 starting June 1.

BELMONT, N.C. — According to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, from August 2020 to April 2021, MSCO received 2,154 evictions and served 1,589. From August 2021 to April 5, 2022, they've received 5,081 evictions and served 3,798.

There is also a rise seen in rent prices, meaning thousands of families across our region are facing massive rent increases, while their earnings stay the same. 

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Trina Costa said her rent is about to be out of reach. 

“Honestly, we hope we can find something before we end up homeless, you know, because we can’t afford to pay it," Costa said.

For nine years, Costa has lived at the Cimeron Apartments on Beaty Road in Belmont. Right now, she pays $600 for rent, but recently she received a letter from Brown & Glenn Property Management stating she will have to pay $1,275 starting June 1. 

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“I was shocked, I’m scared, worried for my neighbors," Costa said.

She's worried for neighbors like 66-year-old Peggy St. Gelais. 

“Oh my God, I’m stressing so bad, you don’t even want me to tell you what I’ve been doing," St. Gelais said.

To make matters worse, the demand for housing is so great St. Gelais said she can't find a new place to live.

“I’ve been trying to find a place but there’s a two-to-five-year wait, or the rent is so high you can’t afford it," St. Gelais said. 

Just about every renter at Cimeron Apartments is experiencing sticker shock at the new price. They said they expected a rent increase after Brown & Glenn Property Management took over the apartments, but nothing like $1,275.

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“We could understand $750, $800, but these apartments are older and run down and they need a lot of work," Costa said. 

Now, neighbors wait as they're one day closer to an unaffordable rent hike.

“We’re not just numbers, not just 20-something units, we're actual human beings," Costa said. "This has been our home, by doing this rent increase they’re taking away all of our homes."

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WCNC Charlotte reached out to Brown & Glenn Property Management and has yet to hear back. Neighbors said they also have yet to make contact with someone.

“You don’t have a heart to do people like that," St. Gelais said. "Please have mercy on us."

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