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Looking to sell your home? Charlotte's housing market among hottest in the US

Realtors say Charlotte's housing market is unlike anything they've ever seen. Prices are skyrocketing, demand is growing and it's a great time to sell your home.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you live in Charlotte and aren't in the market to sell your home, maybe you should be

Realtors say Charlotte's real estate market is unlike anything they've ever seen. It's a seller's market but what does that mean for buyers? Let's connect the dots. 

Charlotte is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country with 122 people moving to the Queen City every single day. We all know why, the amazing weather, a young thriving city and great companies. 

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Charlotte's in the top five for attracting millennials and is number one in the country for attracting baby boomers. Beyond Charlotte, North Carolina ranks in the top five states where people are moving

What does this mean for home buyers? First, a critically low level of inventory of houses on the market. That leads to fierce competition and people buying homes site unseen, cash offers and bidding wars. 

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According to Zillow, Charlotte home prices have gone up 12% in the last year and that has some real consequences. First-time home buyers and single buyers suddenly find themselves priced out of the market. 

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Charlotte city leaders are currently looking at innovating ways to create more affordable housing as part of the 2040 future plan but there's no immediate relief in sight. 

Until then, Charlotte's going to be a good place to be if you're looking to sell real estate.

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