CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The numbers for the highly-anticipated $700 million Powerball have been drawn!

The winning numbers are: 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and the Powerball number: 4

The jackpot is now the second largest ever. Even with odds of 1 in 292 million, people are coming out to play.

"I've been playing this number over and over," said Stacy Bethea. "Maybe I will be the lucky one, my number is going to play," she declared.

Luck might be on Bethea's side. She picked up her Powerball tickets at the PC Mart on the Plaza. It has sold four tickets over $50,000 and made a customer a millionaire last year.

Luck has struck over and over again at seven retailers in the Charlotte area. The luckiest, a Bi-Lo in Highland Creek.

It sold six tickets over $50,000. However, if you are thinking about taking a chance there, you are out of luck. The store shut down in June.

"You can win here," said Lowell Green as he purchased his Powerball ticket at the Cornor Store on Eastway Drive. "I have been lucky here, that's why I keep coming back," he said.

The Cornor Store's counter is covered with winning lottery and scratch tickets. Most prizes are small, but last month the store sold a $1 million ticket. Green is counting on being the next big winner.

"I could be the winner. You could be standing here talking to the winner," Green laughed

Anthony Blackwell bought his tickets at the Lotto Food Mart on West Sugar Creek. He has hit big before, claiming a $700,000 prize on Cash 5.

"I came home with a check for $122,000 after taxes," he said.

He says his strategy is simple. "I just pick birthdays," Blackwell said.

However, experts say don't pick birthdays or anniversaries. 70% of winners have relied on computer generated numbers through quick picks. The most drawn numbers are 26, 41, 22 and 16.

Though the chances are slim, some have already spent the big jackpot in their heads.

"What would I do with it, so much for our house needs renovating, we need a car or two," said Delois Judge.

The value is expected to be at least $443 million. If there's no winner Wednesday night, it could grow to $1 billion.

North Carolina releases the names of winners to the public. In South Carolina, winners can remain anonymous.

Luckiest Retailers in Charlotte area

  • BI-LO, 5336 Docia Crossing Rd, Charlotte - 6 winning tickets
  • PC Mart, 3920 The Plaza, Charlotte - 4 winnings tickets
  • Raceway, 3815 Brookshire Blvd, Charlotte - 4 winning tickets
  • Coulwood BP, 8111 Belhaven Blvd, Charlotte - 4 winning tickets
  • Food Lion 20125 N Main St, Cornelius - 4 winning tickets
  • Ballantyne Amoco 9935 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy, Charlotte - 4 winning tickets
  • Easy Shop II 5724 East W. T. Harris Blvd, Suite A Charlotte - 4 winning tickets