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Sociologist talks about $2,400 per month stimulus plan for mothers

Dr. Tricia Bruce said that stimulus payments are an extension of other policies that recognize the struggles of working moms.

A group is asking President Biden to implement a short-term payment plan giving mothers $2,400 per month. They're calling it the "Marshall Plan for Moms."

Dr. Tricia Bruce, a sociologist with the University of Notre Dame, said that the plan would be an extension of other longtime requests that recognize the struggles of working mothers, such as taking care of children while also juggling a job.

Policies like paid family leave and protections from discrimination due to pregnancy have helped make the workforce more equitable. However, she said that policies like the Marshall Plan for Moms are more direct and responds both to long-term trends and to a present need, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Women oftentimes carry the burden, and mothers, in particular, pay a penalty for being the go-to-person to take Johny to the orthodontist or do the homeschooling that's happening virtually now," she said.

She said the plan is meant to pressure the Biden administration into responding to these issues and send resources to fix them. She also mentioned that women lost more jobs than men during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing more significant income differences.


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