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Take KARE of Your Money: Is Amazon Prime still worth your money?

With all of the newly announced competition from Target and Walmart, are you really getting the best bang for your buck with the delivery service?

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Old habits die hard.

Maybe you've been an Amazon customer since long before its complete and total world domination.

But a $119-a-year membership fee is nothing to sneeze at.

Not that you don't get something in return.

The company announced it would move to free one-day shipping instead of two days for those of us who just can't wait for socks or one of the other hundreds of millions of products they sell.

Not to be outdone, Walmart is trying to play disrupter.

The retailer has also announced plans to roll out free next-day shipping, but with no membership fee.

One caveat: You need to spend $35 or more.

The company is also upping its grocery game.

This one does come with a membership fee.

For $98 a year you can have unlimited groceries delivered same-day. It's aptly named "Delivery Unlimited."

Don't want to sign up? Fine. They'll still deliver same-day for $9.95 per order.

Yes, Amazon Prime offers same-day grocery delivery too, but if Whole Foods isn't your jam then you're out of luck.

You know who else delivers same-day groceries? Well, several places, but we're talking about Target.

The company is also trying hard to compete with Amazon and Walmart.

Same-day delivery is through Shipt, but the retailer has now made it so you can order directly through its website. 

Just like Walmart, if you don't want to spring for the yearly membership, you can still get delivery with a $9.99 fee. 

Target also does free next-day shipping for orders over $35 -- $2.99 if you don't have Target's REDcard.

One advantage Target and Walmart have over Amazon? Locations. You can order online and go pick up in the store or have it brought out to your car for free. Isn't that convenient?

So, Amazon isn't the only option any longer. Perhaps you should consider yours.

Unless you can't live without Amazon Prime Video... in which case... you're stuck.