It’s not every day you can become a superhero or star in your own feature-length movie.

For 15-year-old Peyton Crump, that dream came true this past weekend at Blue Coyote Studios in Granite City.

“Now I get to experience what everyone else does when they do a movie,” Crump said.

Crump, who has intractable epilepsy, had his Make-A-Wish come true with the help of Coolfire Studios.

He was the star in his own movie that took two full days to film. More than 40 crew members volunteered their time and equipment to make it happen.

His parents Gina and Steve sat nearby and watched the scenes unfold.

“It’s been a good experience. I’m impressed with everyone here," Steve Crump said. "I’m impressed with my son. I’m so proud of him. He’s my hero today.”

Crump starred with his sidekick — his dog Luke — as well as several other characters.

“We needed this ray of sunshine, glimmer of hope," said Lindsay Grove, with Coolfire Studios. "To see this community come together and it’s all for Peyton. It’s so heartwarming and enlightening and it couldn’t have come together at a better time,”

Coolfire Studios plans to have the film finished by the end of the year. They will have a movie premiere as well to pay it forward for Peyton, a superhero.