1. FCC votes to repeal net neutrality rules

The Federal Communications Commission is expected to repeal the current net neutrality rules and replace it with the Restoring Internet Freedom order Thursday. The current rules, championed by former president Barack Obama, prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking legal content users seek to access and prevent ISPs from accepting payment to prioritize some data. The new order would do away with those rules and, instead, require Net companies to disclose any blocking or prioritization of their own content or from their partners.

2. Charlotte named 'safe city' despite climb in murder rate

Even with a record 85 homicides so far this year, Charlotte is ranked the safest major city in North Carolina. Charlotte was not the number one safest city. That rank went to tiny Holly Spring, a small city southwest of Raleigh.

Charlotte finished 16th but was the highest ranking major city. The ranking by a home security company called Safehome.org was based on a number of factors including FBI crime stats, crime trends, and the number of police officers per capita.

3. Cold temps cause water break to shut down major Charlotte roadway

Drivers in south Charlotte may be facing delays Thursday morning due to a water main break. Officials closed Queens Road West at Westfield was around 4:30 a.m. after water began gushing up from the road. Crews on scene told NBC Charlotte the break was caused by cold temperatures. However, they said drivers don't need to worry about the water freezing on the roadway. Click here for details on alternate routes.

4. From homeless to college grad: Charlotte woman defies the odds

The youngest of four and raised by a single mom, the Charlotte native comes from humble beginnings. "She worked a lot to make sure that we had," Precious Sidbury said of her mother. "There were times when we didn't have and since she was working so much, she ended up having a stroke."

Precious was a student at South Mecklenburg High School when her Mom's health took a turn.

"Bills ended up piling up and we ended up getting evicted from our home and we became homeless," Precious said. The devastation at home led to distraction at school.

"Nobody wants to hear that their Mom is sleeping in their car," Precious said. "It really just showed me, the love she had for me." Click here to continue reading.

5. Fire at CMC University started from trash compactor

Firefighters responded to a 2-alarm fire at CMC University Wednesday night. Officials told NBC Charlotte the fire started from a trash compactor in the loading dock. CMC University is located in the 8800 block of North Tryon Street.

A viewer sent NBC Charlotte a video of the smoke showing at CMC University. Click here to view.