Now that you've checked highlighters and binders off your back to school list, what else could you need?

Although you have all you need for class, don't forget these essential items to get through the day:


Keep a full water bottle with you for whenever you get thirsty throughout the day. It'll keep you hydrated and keep you from missing the lesson by revisiting the water fountain.

Tip: Label your water bottle and all your other small accessories. If you lose anything, someone will be able to find you.

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Hand Sanitizer

Between lunchroom trades and science experiments, you never know what your student will come in contact with. It's best to keep some antibacterial spray handy.

A (healthy) snack

Between lunch and the end of the school day, you might need a slight pick me up. Try something packed with protein (like trail mix) to give you that extra kick to make it through the day.

Small pack of tissues

Tissues can be used for everything from runny noses to cleaning up small spills. You'll be prepared for any situation with your personal pack on hand.


Something to chew on - or share with others. This is a life saver after a tuna sandwich at lunch, and a great ice breaker in class.

Emergency cash

From forgotten field trip fees to book fair money, you never know when $15 (in all ones, of course) will come in handy.

Mini Toiletries

Lotion, hairs pins and mini deodorant sprays are commonly forgotten but often needed choices. They're cheap and can slip into an inconspicuous bag at the bottom of a backpack.

Pain medicine

Given approval from a teacher, of course, ibuprofen can solve a midday headache before a long trip to the nurse.