The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and Arizona Animal Rescue Mission shared some "wonderful news" Sunday evening about the abused 2-month-old husky puppy named BB Bear.

BB Bear has been in a medically induced coma after being brought to the county shelter with his skull bashed in. But a video posted by MCACC and the AARM showing BB Bear awake, although heavily sedated, and eating on his own.

According to AARM, BB Bear drank water from a bowl and ate even more later Sunday night.

The news brings even more hopeful relief to a heartbreaking story after neurologists said it appears BB Bear suffered no damage to his brain stem.

According to a Facebook post, given BB Bear's age, the area of the brain that was affected has the ability to recover over time.

"This is a HUGE step in the right direction. He still has such a long way to go rebuilding his skills, but this is so promising," AARM wrote Sunday. "Today is a great day for all. Tears of joy from all of us at AARM, Two Pups Wellness Fund and Phoenix Dog/Cat/Bird Hospital."

The organization is asking for donations, 100 percent of which will go directly to BB Bear’s care. You can donate at AARM’s website or on their Facebook page.