COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — An anonymous social media account, CDA Give Away, continues to give hundreds of dollars in free cash to people who follow their clues.

This social media account tweets out hints about the location of the money. Once someone finds the cash, they tweet their victory pictures so the next cash grab can start.

People are taking to social media, expressing how thankful they are for these nameless gifts. One treasure hunter said, “This has been a lot of fun. There are kids walking around with their moms, there are families here. It is bringing people together.”

Since the CDA Give Away account wants to remain anonymous, it told KREM 2 through Twitter the money comes from a private group who does not accept donations or sponsorships.

The account said they do not personally benefit from doing the give away in anyway other than making people happy. With no end date of the giveaways, CDA Give Away plans to give more as the number of players continues to rise.

They told KREM 2 $40,000 has been given away since August.

Some of that money was given away at Vault Coffee Shop. The account contacted the coffee shop through a clue on Instagram.

Vault owner Danelle Reagan said she found a one hundred dollar bill folded behind the mirror in the shop’s bathroom. That money was used to serve free coffee to anyone who mentioned the CDA Give Away. The anonymous donor contacted Reagan again this past weekend and gave her $400 dollars to give more free beverages.

“We are fortunate to be selected as a business they want to engage with and put money into the pockets of local businesses,” Reagan said.

Coeur Auto also participated last week, giving away a free car to the first person that brought a pink pumpkin, a golden apple and a penny from 1987 to the dealership.

“We are very involved in the community so we laid it on our hearts to donate a car,” Coeur Auto owner Nick Rook said.

The dealership plans to give another car away this week, but will ask for a donation towards a local charity as part of the hunt.