CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police issued 57 citations in an hour and a half on Monday -- for "interstate surfing".

The officers set up on Arrowood Road where anyone getting off of I-77 has to turn left or right. They're not allowed to go straight. However, drivers who do get back on the interstate, trying to beat traffic, are breaking the law.

Sergeant Jesse Wood with the transportation division said people get impatient during their commute around the Queen City.

"This has historically been a problem over many years."

But police say "interstate surfing" has gotten out of hand, especially off I-77 northbound on Arrowood, where people exit the interstate and illegally re-enter.

"This causes more of a backup for the people who are waiting patiently on the road."

CMPD posted three photos of the bust Monday that have been shared nearly 1,000 times on Facebook.

"It is exasperating the problem with traffic so our officers are out there, trying to address this."

The barrage of blue lights was to remind people to leave early for work and don't put other lives at risk when you're late.

"We could be out there in the mornings; we could be out there in the evenings. We're encouraging people to take their time."

Sgt. Wood says this is an on-going operation. A ticket for illegal use of a lane will cost you around $200.