FRESNO, Calif. - Protesters gathered in response to former sheriff Joe Arpaio, this time in Fresno, California.

Arpaio was an invited guest at a private Fresno GOP fundraiser. He took questions from reporters, and touched on the border wall, his now-pardoned verdict for contempt of court, DACA and former president Barack Obama's birth certificate.

"I'm going to keep fighting for the good of this country," Arpaio said. "I don't know what the future will bring."

Arpaio said he expects the border wall would not only curb illegal immigration, but would also help stop drugs from getting across the border.

In a heated exchange with a reporter, Arpaio brought up his investigation into Obama's birth certificate, and how he used the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office volunteer Cold Case posse to investigate. Arpaio maintained Obama's birth certificate is a fake.

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See the exchange in the video above.

"You'll hear the real story soon," Arpaio repeated in the news conference. "I'm not guilty. My deputies are not guilty."

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Outside the fundraiser, the Los Angels Times reported a small number of protesters and counter-demonstrators gathered with police nearby.