CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you welcomed a furry friend into the family over the holidays, you may be getting over the euphoria of it all by now, especially if that angel puppy has turned into the devil dog.

Charlotte Dog Wizard is offering you a chance to properly train your pet through the Most Unruly Christmas Puppy Contest. All you have to do is send an email explaining why your pup is the rowdiest in 500 words or less. The lucky winner will get free admission to Puppy Preschool, a value of $300.

"Puppies are like clean slates, and the right training can help them be the kind of dog you want by your side every day,” said Gretchen Hollifield, founder and CEO of The Dog Wizard Franchise.

The deadline to enter is January 31. The contest is being held in 13 Dog Wizard franchises across the country. One winner will be selected in each market.