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Bill to reopen North Carolina bars, gyms fails

The bill was vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper and the House failed to overturn the veto.

NORTH CAROLINA, USA — Editor's note: The video in this story is from May 22, 2020, as gym owners pushed to reopen in the beginning of phase 2. 

North Carolina gyms and bars will remain closed despite legislative efforts to reopen them. 

The state legislature created a bill that would allow gyms and bars to reopen amid the coronavirus pandemic. The bill passed the State House and Senate but Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the bill.  

The bill stated that Cooper could once again close businesses if he got permission from the mostly Republican Council of State. Some lawmakers said they would vote for the bill if the clause was taken out.

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Several lawmakers discussed possibly editing or separating the bill so that it would only be about gyms or bars. Some said they’d be in favor of the bill with those changes.

The House voted on whether to override the governor’s veto. The vote was 66-53 and not along party lines.

The bill is dead for now and advocates for the reopening of certain businesses will need to find another way.

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