After a winter blast hit the Carolinas, troopers urged drivers to stay off the roads Monday night, especially in the upper elevations.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol said it was too unpredictable in the areas and cities affected by snow and wintry mix to know where the ice patches would form once it's below freezing.

"Anything that melted today (Monday) that might refreeze is going to be a concern," said Jen Thompson with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

NCSHP responded to cars completely flipped over as well as 18-wheelers sliding out of control. In Iredell County, a bus couldn't stop from going into a ditch. Officials in Newton said they saw nearly double the number of crashes.

NCDOT has a team on standby for the overnight hours.

"We already have trucks equipped with sand, salts, spreaders so all they have to do is be ready to respond if needed if any hot spots should pop up," said Thompson.

Experts said if you hit black ice, keep the steering wheel straight, don't pump the brakes and take your foot off the gas to slow down.

"If you're not used to being in the snow, don't have four wheel drive, you don't want to be out," said a Boone resident.

With temperatures possibly dipping below freezing, black ice could be a problem in the morning as well. Officials are urging motorists to drive with caution, especially on side and back roads.

"Unless they see a lot of sun, the potential for ice is still going to be there," said Thompson.