CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton, took some time out of his day on Friday to surprise some patients at Levine Children's Hospital. 

Newton's surprise at the children's hospital followed a long day of volunteering around the Queen City. 

"I think it's very important that this Friday is kicked off, started with a lot of excitement, not only on my behalf but them giving me the same energy back," Newton said.

Newton walked into a room full of patients and staff working on arts and crafts. The NFL football player and immediately began offering his services. 

Staff members for Levine Children's said in a Facebook Live broadcast that arts and crafts are really beneficial in helping the kids heal. Newton's visit is also a really important part of the healing process for these kids. 

"To have that surprise of Cam coming in and giving these kids hope that he is cheering for them just like they're cheering for him, it's just a really important part of healing," said Callie Dobbins, Facility Executive of Levine Children's.

Dobbins also said when Newton visits the hospital, the patients and staff get to see a different side of Cam that not everybody gets to see. 

"You see him on the big screen and press conferences and this is a really special moment," a Levine Children's staff member remarked. 

During his visit to Levine Children's Newton spent his time playing games, signing autographs and joking around with the kids. 

Thanks, Cam!