CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Unknown Brewing Company is (kind of) throwing a keg party for the city of Charlotte by brewing up a new beer and selling it for just 25 cents. 

The new beer, Van Theft Auto, was created after someone stole their van from their taproom. 

The crime happened on Monday, and after an incentive of free beer, the van was located just 42 minutes later. 

Unknown said the van was spotted by a woman named Caroline who was out walking her dog along her street. 

"The police believe that they may have used the van to commit 10+ car break-ins in the area before they abandoned it near Frazier Park," Unknown said. 

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The Charlotte brewery said a lot of people initially accused them of stealing their own van as a pr stunt. They replied that they're good at marketing but not that good.  

"People have even asked us if we stole our own van! Yes, that would be hilarious but, we assure you that we couldn’t make this sh** up," Unknown said. 

Unknown promised her a keg party, but once the story blew up on social media, hundreds of people said they wanted in on the party. 

While Unknown can't host a giant keg party for all of Charlotte they are offering a beer for a steep discount. 25 cents a pint. 

"This week we will brew Van Theft Auto and when it releases, we will be selling it for 25 cents a pint (to cover taxes)," Unknown said. "That’s as close to a free keg party as we can do for you, Charlotte."