A 10-year-old boy recovering from severe injuries following a shark attack. It happened over the weekend in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

“Typically when someone comes out the water bleeding we’re dealing with sting rays, maybe cuts from shells on the feet,” said Mike Wagner, operations manager for Hilton Head Island Shore Beach Service.

However on Sunday, Jei Turell’s arm was literally ripped apart by a shark. The boy was airlifted to a Savannah hospital, undergoing an hour and a half surgery.

Hilton Head's "shark whisperer" Chip Michalove said May is the most common month for black-tips in that area.

“There are so many black tip sharks in our waters right now and they’re extra aggressive,” said Michalove.

He added black tips are smaller sharks, and their bites are less likely to be fatal. Still, it's a concern for families heading to the beach. Just last week, a video emerged of a shark feet from the shoreline on Emerald Isle.

There are ways we can all lower our risk of encountering a shark while we’re out in the water.

“Do not go swimming around dusk or dawn when sharks are most active. Not to wear flashy jewelry when out swimming around,” a shark expert told NBC Charlotte.

There were eight confirmed shark bites on Hilton Head last year. The boy’s mother said he's remaining positive and hopeful.