DALLAS -- Those ubiquitous, brightly colored rental bikes have piled up in places around Dallas, but one family woke up Christmas morning to find more than a dozen of them in their front yard.

On Vanderbilt Avenue among the manicured lawns and Christmas decorations, 14 bright green LimeBikes were placed in front of the house belonging to the Hale family.

"I was like, 'Mom, come here, you gotta see this!" said Ethan Hale, 12.

"I came out here, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, we got biked!'" said mom, Sarah Hale.

Getting "biked" is apparently 2017's answer to toilet paper or pink flamingos. The Hale's live just down the block from a public park, where Lime Bikes and other rental bikes are often left by riders.

The Hales said right away, they zeroed in on a suspect, a neighbor and family friend named David Wilk.

"A very good guess," said dad, Michael Hale. "And then a text was able to quickly decipher it."

Today, though, in a conversation with WFAA, Wilk played coy about his role in the prank, denying any knowledge of the stunt.

"No, no. Love the Hales," Wilk said. "Just thought that was part of their whole festive spirit."

Wilk is a founder of the Fort Worth-based Four Day Weekend Comedy group. He did admit that he is a fan of LimeBikes.

"You can pick 'em up anywhere and you can drop 'em off anywhere. How great is that!?" he said. "Sometimes, they're all in bunches."

The bunch on the Hales' lawn showed up on the LimeBike app, waiting for riders. But by this evening they were gone. A LimeBike crew picked them up after the company was contacted by journalists, and the company wasn't laughing at the prank.

In an email to WFAA, LimeBike spokesman Jack Song said that the bikes were "illegally placed" and called the prank "an attack on the overall transportation system in Dallas."

Still, the Hale family was smiling after what they saw as a well-intentioned joke, and they won't forget the year everyone got bikes for Christmas.

"It's probably one of the biggest surprises we've received," said Sarah Hale.

"Certainly the oddest," said Michael.