CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Two major events in the Queen City next week are raising new questions about police staffing.

On Thursday, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department described how they’re preparing security for Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral on March 2. Former presidents and world leaders may be in attendance.

The somber occasion comes as large crowds will also be pouring into Charlotte for the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) tournament next weekend.

CMPD said they began working on a plan immediately which includes more officers and overtime. They believe they're in good shape with resources.

“Our department will be in the international spotlight,” said CMPD Deputy Chief Johnny Jennings. “As soon we got the news of the Reverend’s passing, we began speaking initially on how we’re going to be able to staff.”

Organization is especially important considering the department will be pulled in different directions next week.

“What we didn’t anticipate, the CIAA being in town for all of this,” said Deputy Chief Jennings. “CIAA does add a little extra issues with it.”

CMPD said they’re doing whatever is necessary to be prepared.

“We’re going to be bringing officers that would normally have a day off; we’re going to be providing overtime for some officers,” Deputy Chief Jennings said.

Highway patrol told NBC Charlotte they’re looking at possibly bringing in state troopers specially trained for executive protection. CMPD said they're also prepared to handle security for dignitaries.

“We’ve handled a lot of presidential details,” said Deputy Chief Jennings.

Right now, CMPD is still working out just how many officers will be needed.

“As it looks right now, CMPD has the ability and capability for staffing to be able to provide not only CIAA, but everything related to funeral of Reverend Graham,” Deputy Chief Jennings said.

Police also warned drivers they should expect traffic issues next week.