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'It’s a testament to the city' | Artists gather to fix damages on 'Black Lives Matter' street painting in uptown Charlotte

Three days after the painting was complete, it appeared tire marks were tracked across the mural. Sunday, artists gathered to repair the mural.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After tire marks were left behind on the 'Black Lives Matter' mural in uptown, the artists who got together to paint the street rejoin to fix the damage around 9:30 a.m. Sunday. The artists said the City of Charlotte will be funding it.

The city teamed with “Charlotte is Creative,” and together found 17 local artists to paint a 'Black Lives Mural' on the streets of uptown on South Tryon Street between Third and Fourth Street on June 9. 

Just three days later, the mural was defaced with black tire marks tracked across the mural according to several videos from people in uptown.

Police said they are "currently reviewing this incident to determine exactly how it may have occurred."

Several artists that were in uptown helping to fix the mural said they weren't surprised it was damaged, but were looking forward. 

"I saw a comment that what is the artwork going to do in the grand scheme of things," Charlotte-area artist Kyle Mosher said. "Well, you’re seeing what it’s doing. It’s keeping the conversation in people’s mouths."

Kiana Mui said whoever ran over it should have known it wouldn't stay damaged, and that people would make sure it was fixed.

"I’m honestly just so happy to be a part of this really big movement, and inspire people to keep pushing for the Black Lives Matter movement," Mui said.

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Artists helping to repair the mural said they were adding a new clear coat on top of the mural to protect it from any future damage.

"It’s a testament to the city, the people the movement, the artists, the volunteers, everyone is rallying behind it," Mosher said. 

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