CONCORD, N.C. -- When a child is facing a serious illness is offered anything they want from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, they usually go for a big family trip. But when a 9-year-old from Concord was faced with that decision, he immediately thought of others.

Five months later, it all came together when the patients at the Levine Children's Hospital. Everyone was invited to an unforgettable Halloween party.

At first glance, it's just another office Halloween get-together, but make no mistake, this party is all about Peyton Holland.

"I made this party come true and it's come to be a reality," Peyton said.

Peyton suffers from a severe blood disorder, but it clearly didn't affect his social energy.

"I like to have fun with my friends and strangers that I don't even know," he said.

Which is why it only made sense when Peyton decided what he wanted from the Make-A-Wish Foundation: he chose to throw a bash for all the kids at Levine Children's Hospital.

"All the kids are super sad right now in the hospital but now it's changed from a sad day to a happy day," Peyton said.

It came as no shock to Peyton's parents.

"I wasn't surprised at all when Peyton decided that's what he wanted his wish to be," said Peyton's mom Tiffany. "He's just a kind, loving kid."

That love was evident as the patients and the staff at Levine Children's Hospital got their costume on.

Toys "R" Us pitched in $15,000 to help Peyton and four other children's wishes come true.