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Carolina has heart: Life coach helps mom deal with loss

"Sometimes it's okay to ask for help, I think that's the biggest thing that moms need to hear," Summer Partee said.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — "I had a really great pregnancy; I didn't have any issues."

With her second baby on the way, Summer Partee decided to wait to find out the gender. But at her 30-week doctor's appointment, she received devastating news.

"They could not find the heartbeat. We never really experienced tragedy like this," she said. "On September the 5th, we delivered our little girl, Carter Jean Partee."

The little girl was someone she'd always prayed for.

"We knew this was going to affect our entire life from here out," Partee said.

Partee began making posts on Facebook, connecting with other moms. But as time went on, things got harder.

"Ya know, it got really quiet in our house, and it got really quiet on social media. Through that quietness, I got to this place of just brokenness," Partee said.

"I think postpartum just kinda snuck in and it was all of a sudden there. I couldn't find the good that I knew was there. I just couldn't get out of this slump that I was in," she said.

That's when she reached out to Alexandra Kaval of Grace Space Christian Coaching.

"There is hope; there is a better way," said Kaval.

"Like the second I reached out to her, it just started something amazing," Partee said. "I was trying to pour from this big cup that was just totally empty."

So Kavala started pouring into her.

"I am like eternally grateful for her for that," said Partee.

"Why is it so important for women, for us to not only ask for help but as women support each other," asked NBC Charlotte's Sarah French. "Because we're all kinda going through the same thing."

"I think when we ya, know, pause and kinda share, this is something that is hard for me and I can't do it alone, or I need support here, it's truly like with Summer's story, an opportunity to glorify Him," said Kaval.

"Sometimes it's okay to ask for help, I think that's the biggest thing that moms need to hear," Partee said. "I just read this week that one in four women go through child loss, and that's a lot." 

"And they don't talk about it," said French.

"No, it's definitely not talked about," said Partee.

"We're not created to do it alone," Kaval said.

Partee is sharing her story in hopes of encouraging other women.

"We connect so easily through tears. Not just in the joyful moments but everybody has tears everybody is struggling with something," said Partee.

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