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Charlotte neighborhood throws parade for mother fighting stage 4 cancer

"It was really something to remember for sure; and at the point where we're at right now, needed."

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If you absolutely love where you live, it probably has more to do with your neighbors than the roof over your head. 

That's especially true during tough times. Just ask the close group of friends in one Charlotte neighborhood, who recently took to the street to prove once again, Carolina has heart.

Spend any time in this Charlotte neighborhood, and you'll start to feel at home.

"We all raised our children together, now we're all growing old together," one neighbor told WCNC Charlotte.

Around here, they take care of their own. Sometimes, it spills into the street.

"We could hear music, but mom didn't think twice about it," Gina Hegger's daughter said.

Gina Hegger is a Charlotte woman fighting stage 4 cancer. Her neighbors thought she could use some cheering up.

A neighbor came up with the idea. 

"How about if we do a parade?" the neighbor said. "Gina's about to start a new treatment, and I think she could use a little morale boost."

It took some planning. But when the time came, more than 35 neighbors showed up. Every single person came; there was not as single no. 

It was a simple gesture for sure, but one that wasn't lost on Hegger or her family.

"She was floored," Hegger's daughter said. "The community has always been there for us; I just don't think she was expecting it at all."

"Not bad for a let's do this in three days kinda thing, thrown together," a neighbor added.

Thrown together as it was, this is one act of kindness that really hit its mark.

"It was perfect, it was silly, it was uplifting," Hegger's daughter said. 

And before it was over, Hegger wasn't the only one who felt a little better.  

"It was great," her daughter said. "It was really something to remember for sure; and at the point where we're at right now, needed."

What else are good neighbors for?

Hegger and her family have lived on their street for more than 25 years. Her kids loved it so much growing up, they eventually bought homes in the neighborhood too.


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