CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ellie, Emery and Bodey Pikel all love to give back to the community, but a year and a half ago, when their little cousin was diagnosed with Down syndrome, they took giving back to a whole new level.

Now, they’ve started an organization called Kangaroo Kids, a nonprofit that provides information binders to sick kids in the hospital and their families. They’ve called the binders “pouches,” a play on words to go right along with their group name. The pouches are filled with papers to help families get through tough times in the hospital. A calendar to write down doctor’s appointments, an insurance information and call log, medication sheets, immunization records, etc.

Kangaroo Kids has now partnered with several area hospitals, including Levine Children’s Hospital, and has distributed almost 125 pouches.

But the pouches don’t build themselves. Each one costs about $50 to assemble and $15 to mail. If you’re interested in donating to the cause, you can visit If you, or someone else, is in need of a pouch, you can request a pouch at