CHARLOTTE, N.C. – All across the country, Americans are doing everything they can to help those affected by Harvey’s devastation.

That includes some groups right here in the Charlotte area, such as Samaritan’s Feet. The Charlotte-based organization is on a mission to prevent foot infections from those rising waters. They’re aiming to send 20,000 pairs of shoes to Houston in an effort to help Harvey victims in Texas.

“People are walking through that debris, that water’s contaminated,” said Samaritan’s Feet founder and CEO Manny Ohonme. “I mean, you’ve got farms across the state. You’ve got animals that can come in, and what’s in that stuff that comes through the water? You step your feet in there and you have an open sore, all of a sudden that stuff gets in your body.”

Manny and his team have come up with the World Shoe, which is manufactured in Georgia. The shoes contain an active anti-microbial additive to help fight and treat infections as it is worn. These shoes are often sent to third-world countries, now they’re their way to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Community of Faith Church in Houston is partnering with Samaritan’s Feet to help distribute the shoes when they arrive.

“It’s biodegradable, so after the shelf life is over, we can bury it in the dirt and we are not contributing to filling landfills around the world,” Ohonme said.

If you’d like to donate to Samaritan’s Feet, click here. Just $20 can help deliver a pair of shoes to someone in need.