CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Queen City is one of the best cities in America for veterans, according to a recent survey.

WalletHub ranked Charlotte No. 14 of the 100 best and worst places for veterans to live in the U.S.

Coming out on top was Austin, Texas and coming in last at number 100 was Detroit.

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Charlotte finished just ahead of St. Petersburg, Florida and behind Oklahoma City.

Arthur Rogers, 91, is a veteran of World War II and said he thinks Charlotte should have finished in first place.

“I’ve been living in North Carolina 10 years and I love it," beamed Rogers.

Rogers was at Richard’s Coffee Chop and Military Museum in Mooresville where he spent the eve of Veterans Day talking to kids and telling them his stories and memories of life in the military.

He says it is that kind of interactions that keep him going.

“I have a doctor that tells me I’ll probably see 100,” said the still spry Rogers.

The survey ranked area of the country on a number of factors, including the cost of living and the quality of health care.

The vets who stopped by the coffee shop Friday said they felt the care at local area VA Hospitals has been getting better.

“I go to Salisbury and Charlotte (VA hospitals). They really are good and really treat me well," said Vietnam era veteran Joe Alexander.

Frank Robillard served in the Navy and later lived in Pennsylvania for 46 years before moving to the Charlotte area, where he says life for a vet is so much better.

Said Robillard, “It's amazing the respect and the gratitude that they show veterans in this area.”