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Doctors say thank you for community stepping up to provide PPE

The doctors recorded special messages of thanks and also encouragement because this week is another huge effort to get more PPE gear.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte doctors are saying thank you to the community for keeping them safe.

For weeks now people across our area have come together to get healthcare workers much needed PPE gear and now the doctors saying thank you as a big fundraising race gets underway.

The doctors recorded special messages of thanks and also encouragement because this week is another huge effort to get more PPE gear. It’s a fundraiser, a virtual race that many have signed up for and the doctors are cheering the runners on.

It was just six weeks ago that Dr. Gloria Tsan, a charlotte ER doctor pleaded for help.

She and other healthcare workers were terrified because there wasn’t enough protective gear. Her peers in New York were hit the hardest.

“I’ve lost many colleagues- paramedic very close to who passed away from COVID.”

In hopes of preventing that here, a non-profit quickly formed: CLT give PPE, to get gear to the frontline workers.

Stan said,  “can't thank our community enough.”

From students making face shields to so-called sewing angels making masks to local breweries making hand sanitizer- charlotte stepped up in a big way.

“The biggest thing I want to say is thank you to Charlotte.”

Now Charlotte give PPE is asking people to step up in a new way – the Charlotte COVID-19 miler is a virtual race where people around the world are raising money by promising to run 19 miles this week.

Jason Ford is running the virtual race. “We’re not on the frontlines but we know there are people that are so we can contribute can get the things they need to stay safe.”

Dr. Tsan and her colleagues just want to say thanks – to charlotte so they recorded messages in between seeing patients.

“All those doctors and nurses said absolutely, we want to thank them for looking out for us.”

Messages like:

“You’re supporting us now were supporting you.”

“We’re in this together!”

“Mike 8 lets flatten the curve together …Mile 9 you got this don’t slow down were safe because of you – woo!!!”

“Thanks for doing this, guys!”

Dr. Tsan says she – like her colleagues - is grateful and hopeful as Charlotteans get ready to head back into some sort of new normal. 

“We absolutely can’t let our guard down especially with reopening coming we know there are going to be more cases with the community behind us well continue to be protected and continue to do the best job we can.”

They’ve raised more than 50,000 dollars from people running. If you want to be a part of it, check out cltgiveppp.org.


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