DAVIDSON, N.C. – A local woman is alive after a Good Samaritan saved the day in Davidson Saturday.

When emergency crews arrived on the scene of a collapsed jogger that stopped breathing, the victim was already receiving CPR from the Good Samaritan.

Experts say your chances of surviving cardiac arrest are better than ever.

The 40-year-old female jogger collapsed on Concord Road in Davidson at around 9 a.m. on Saturday. Another woman jumped in to help by starting CPR before emergency crews arrived.

The flashing lights can’t be everywhere, but experts say bystanders who know CPR are making up ground.

“I’ve been doing this for 35 years and it was a rarity initially, now you’re seeing it a lot more,” said Don Overcash, an operations supervisor with MEDIC.

Fortunately, that was the case on Saturday morning when Jan Zamudio collapsed and stopped breathing while running with a friend. Police said several people surrounded Zamudio, including the woman who performed CPR. Firefighters shocked the victim a couple of times before Medic arrived at the scene.

“Mecklenburg County has one of the highest survival rates for witness cardiac arrests, and a big part of that is early intervention, bystander CPR,” says Overcash.

MEDIC told NBC Charlotte some of the signs you should look out for include chest pain, heaviness or pressure in the chest, and difficulty breathing.

However, experts say don’t ignore any abnormal symptoms and don’t hesitate to call 911.

“We would much rather people call and it not be an emergency than wait until it’s too late,” explained Overcash.

Late Monday afternoon, Jan’s family posted on Facebook her breathing tube was removed and she even began saying a few words. NBC Charlotte reached out to the family but has not heard back yet.

NBC Charlotte also reached out to the other woman jogging, but her family said she was not interested in commenting.