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A JCSU alumni is helping the community stay in the know about Black businesses, news and organizations

Download the app Black Culture Weekly in your Google Play store to stay in the know.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Black Culture Weekly is central location for people to access information about all things Black in and around the community.

“Black culture weekly is meant to be the one stop shop resource for folks that seem to be allies and accomplices to Black people," Founder Jeremiah Chapman said.

Whether it’s a call to action, or way for people to get news and businesses information, Chapman started the site after a summer of social unrest. 

“If you’re someone that want to register to vote, if you’re someone that particularly cares about the Breonna Taylor case there’s ways to take action there," Chapman said.

 “There’s the news section where you can kind of digest news from Black journalist. There’s also a shop section to where you can purchase anything from clothing to art and business coaching services,” he said. 

With the help of civil right advocates, healthcare workers and law practitioners the JCSU alumnus then expanded to an app to help businesses increase their social media platforms and hopefully provide access to job. 

“We’ve seen a decline of roughly 40 percent of Black businesses due to the COVID pandemic," Chapman said.

Chapman said it's only a start to something bigger but hopes his initiative not only help change narratives in neighborhoods but also inspires more generations to come.

“You name it, we really want to be a resource for folks so they can feel like they’re not simply consumers but their actual people that are changing things and have it at their fingertips to do so," Chapman said.

“A lot of times Black folks want to feel connected to one another and feel connected on how they can take action on things that matter to them the most.”

Download Black Culture weekly in the Google Play store.

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