CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A playful day at Beverly Crest swimming pool in Charlotte is like any other, but not for these teenagers. They're all business.

You would be too, if your goal was as daunting as theirs.

"We're trying to end homelessness in Charlotte before we go off to college."

To do that, they organized a charity swim meet called 'Laps for Love.' It's raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Charlotte rescue Mission so far.

And with these young ladies at the helm, it's on track to raise even more.

"We raised 25 thousand dollars. And the year before, we raised ten thousand dollars. Our goal is 40 thousand and we're already well on our way," said one of the teen organizers.

300 swimmers will take their marks Thursday night at th Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center.

"People from five-years-old to adults are in the events. It really is the whole community coming together for this cause."

But before any swimmers can make a splash, countless details must be figured out, something these natural-born communicators happen to excel at.

"One of us in charge of volunteers one is in charge of media."

"We're showing kids that they can also do this you don't have to be n adult to do this for the community."

"We really do have a great time planning things get lots of experience organizing events."

Which explains why 'Laps for Love' is such a success. As for Thursday night's event, these visionaries are already looking to next year.

"I hope we get out goal and they enjoy it and wanna come back next year and that it was a lot of fun."

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