CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Santa Claus is getting help delivering presents this year, thanks to the Humane Society of Charlotte.

For the second year, volunteers from the Humane Society will be participating in the "Christmas Deliveries" program.

Pets that are adopted between now through December 23 are eligible for a special delivery to your home on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

"It's a great surprise for a partner, or a spouse, or the kids, or just anyone to have that delivery on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning," said Humane Society of Charlotte spokesperson Emily Cook. "It's really special."

Adoptions at the Humane Society spiked last weekend: 50 pets found new homes.

"It was one of the biggest weekends we've had in months," Cook said.

But she acknowledges, that just like any other present under the tree, there is always a risk that someone will return it.

"We try to take steps here at the Humane Society... so that people don't get into the excitement of the holidays and then get something that maybe they're not prepared for," Cook said.

Cook said they encourage families to spend additional time visiting with the animals at the shelter before bringing them home. She discourages people from giving animals as gifts to other households.

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