MONROE, N.C. – Two Monroe police officers are being hailed as heroes after they rescued a family from a house fire early Tuesday morning.

According to Monroe Police, officer Corey Helms responded to a house fire in the 1800 block of Lexington Avenue around 2 a.m. Helms saw a woman at a window on the second floor of the home, which was showing heavy smoke and flames at the time.

Police said the woman threw her keys down to Helms, who opened the front door and allowed smoke to exit the home. Moments later, officer Dylan Cole arrived at the scene and assisted Helms in trying to find a ladder.

The officers were unable to find a ladder and decided to enter the home to rescue everyone trapped inside. Cole and Helms rescued two adults and three small children inside the home, who were all upstairs when the fire started. All five people were treated at the scene and are expected to be OK.

“I am extremely proud of the actions of these two officers. Their decisions to put themselves in a dangerous situation to protect and save the people in that house, truly exemplifies all that being a Police Officer stands for,” said Monroe Police Chief Bryan Gilliard. “These situations are not something you come across every day and I am proud that these officers used their training and skills to potentially save five lives.”

Fire officials determined that the cause of the fire was baby bottles that were left boiling on the stove. Authorities have not determined how much damage was done to the home.