MAIDEN, N.C. — As Apple continues its billion dollar expansion of its Catawba County iCloud data center, homeowners living around the facility are calling on the company to be a better neighbor.

Residents living along Elbow Road and Peyton Frye Road contacted NBC Charlotte in late-2018 with several complaints about the massive project.

In particular, homeowners on Peyton Frye Road said Apple's contractors began using their one-lane, gravel road to haul in heavy equipment to the construction site.

"We felt their construction trucks were too large, too heavy and too many to be driving down there without doing major damage," Amber Ahlf said. "And they did do major damage."

Peyton Frye Road is a privately-owned road that's not maintained by Catawba County.

According to neighbors, everyone who owns property along the road, from homeowners to Apple, is allowed access to the property, and all of them are responsible for maintaining it.

Ahlf and other neighbors said trucks combined with water runoff from the construction site turned the road into a muddy mess, which frequently floods during rainy days.

One neighbor told NBC Charlotte the flooding washed out his driveway and caused water to pond around his home's foundation.

"Just the lack of consideration as far as bringing 18-wheelers and hauling all the equipment behind us in through this little one-lane driveway," Hans Ahlf said.

Along Elbow Road, homeowners Aundrea and Scott Fleury said congested construction traffic makes them fear for their family's safety.

The couple said construction trucks race past their home going well above the speed limit, which makes their heart race every time their two children get on and off the school bus.

"[The trucks] do stop, but that's always my concern, are they going to really see it? Are they understanding that this is an area that people live and have a life?" Aundrea Fleury asked. "This is not just a construction zone."

The Ahlf's and Fleury's and other neighbors said they previously addressed their concerns with Apple and its contractor, Turner Construction, which promised to fix Peyton Frye Road.

However, neighbors said Turner hasn't fulfilled its promises.

NBC Charlotte reached out to Apple to respond to these complaints.

Apple emailed a statement, which touted the Catawba County facility's benefits while not directly addressing the neighbors' complaints.

The Ahlfs said after NBC Charlotte began looking into this story, Turner Construction, the contractor in charge of the project, reached out to neighbors and reaffirmed its commitment to fix the road.