CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Literally tons of donations intended for relief efforts in Puerto Rico are sitting around in Charlotte and volunteers are begging for help.

The Puerto Rican Cultural Society didn't expect the number of donations they received and say they can’t afford to ship it all, so now it’s sitting in storage in U-Hauls, churches, and even a day care, waiting.

Hundreds of boxes are filled with critical supplies, and yet room after room is filled with items that the people of Puerto Rico desperately need.

“Knowing that they’re hurting, knowing my own family is hurting, it tears me apart,” said Alba Colon-Nieves.

The Puerto Rican Cultural Society received donations from all across the Carolinas, and the response from the public was overwhelming. They only had so much room in the small planes they planned for, leaving tons of supplies left behind.

“It’s just waiting for somebody to get it there and we don’t have the money,” said volunteer Mayra Cintro-Deshahid.

The group hasn’t’ been able to find anyone willing to donate a plane big enough for the rest of the donations. Now, those supplies that could save lives are gathering dust.

“I feel helpless that I cannot get there to help the people, the people of my country,” cried Colon-Nieves. “My niece was crying that she has nothing to eat. I cannot get her food and this room is filled with food.”

They’re going to keep packing, stacking and preparing, hoping that somewhere, someone can help.

“We are begging for somebody to come and help us.”

The group said they have a warehouse space for all of the donations. They need at least 20 people to help load and unload the supplies at 10 a.m. Wednesday. If you’d like to help, you can find the group at Shining Stars Academy on Lancaster Highway in Ballantyne. Or you can call 704-777-0670.