CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When the fall semester at UNC-Charlotte begins late next month returning students will notice an expanded police presence on campus.

This follows the shooting on campus in April that left two students dead and four others injured on the last day of the spring semester.

Announcing the additional police presence, Chancellor Philip DuBois wrote, “This isn’t because we anticipate any increased threat to our safety. Instead, it is intended to reassure us all of the strength and accessibility of our police force.”

That reassuring for students like Ali Osman who remembers that tragic day in April.

“I was actually in the building when the incident happened so it was pretty terrifying,” Osman said, adding, “You hear about all these things happening at different universities and clubs, but to have it happen in your hometown, in your school, you just can’t expect it.

Students and faculty members are also being offered counseling and training on how to respond if there was ever another active shooter situation.

Jennifer Murray at student at UNCC said she felt the added security comes a bit late.

“I feel they should have had more protection before in the first place, but given the circumstances and everything that happened, it will definitely make me feel better going to any school event or just being on campus,” said Murray.

Dubois wrote that security would also be expanded at large campus events like graduation.

“This includes the use of metal detectors, the enforcement of more restrictive bag policies, and the presence of additional police officers,” he wrote.

Student, Matak Wiggins said there are some things that are just impossible to prevent.

“You can’t have a police officer in every room. I just feel like it's an uncontrollable situation.  It's like a hurricane and you just have to pray for the best in that situation,” said Wiggins.

A former UNC-Charlotte student, who NBC Charlotte is not naming was arrested and remains behind bars awaiting trial for the shooting.

In closing his letter, DuBois wrote of the words, ‘We are Niners’, saying that is a declaration that “our future is bright, bold and strong.”